grain storage

Our privately owned bulk storage network boasts over 100,000mt of capacity across several receival depots in Southern New South Wales providing flexible segregations and market access for producers.

Our network

Our sites are located in a region renowned for producing some of the highest quality wheat and barley, and are ideally positioned to access both domestic and international market regions. Pearsons also provide management services to Emerald Grain with responsibilities for operating the Woorinen receival site which also provides rail access to the Melbourne Port Terminal.

  • Woorinen

    Lot 4, Woorinen-Vinifera Road,
    Woorinen VIC 3589
    03 5037 6579

    The site has storage capacity for 125,000 mt. |
    The combination of bins and bunkers provides for the storage of a broad range of segregations based on seasonal requirements.
    Road access: Road access to the site is B-Double Concessional. The weighbridge will single weigh a vehicle of up to 28m long.
    Rail access: Emerald Grain Woorinen is located on the Swan Hill – Piangil line and capable of loading a full block train in under 4 hours 

  • Kyalite

    Old Balranald Road,
    Kyalite NSW 2734
    03 5038 2233

    Kyalite is capable of storing up to 80,000mt of grain. Site configuration includes a 90mt weighbridge, sample stand and a combination of 3 sheds (ranging in capacity from 7,000-9000mt), silos and bunkers. Segregations are managed accordingly and based on seasonal variation to accommodate the local harvest. On demand, our storage facility at Tooleybuc provides additional segregation and 4,000mt of capacity.

  • Koraleigh

    Main Rd,
    Koraleigh NSW 2735
    03 5030 2887

    Koraleigh has approximately 15,000t of storage capacity. Site configuration includes an office with 60mt weighbridge, sample stand and a combination of 2 sheds (ranging in capacity from 6000-8,000mt), and 12 x50mt silos. The site also doubles as our truck and maintenance depot.

  • Murray Downs

    Cygnet Lne,
    Murray Downs NSW 2735

    Murray Downs consists of a 4,500t shed and 12 x 30mt silos. On demand it is used to provide boutique accommodation of specialised products for customers such as maize, oats, cottonseed, soft and specialty wheats, hay and malt barley.